About TimeToTrip
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This is a digital wallet system. Where you can keep & use money in digital form securely for your travel purchases. TimeToTrip provides E-Wallet account for all registered accounts. If you are willing to use this service you can fill money to your E-Wallet account.With E-Wallet system you can save your transaction charges. If you have enough balance in your E-Wallet, this system helps you to book your tickets from anywhere without your credit card or net banking.


Filling your E-Wallet account


You can fill your E-Wallet by two methods.


Bank Deposit: You will find the company’s bank account details after signing in to www.TimeToTrip.com. Deposit the required amount to our bank account by Net-banking, depositing cheque or DD at concerned bank and send a deposit request from your My Account panel. Our billing team will process your request within 12 hours or earlier as possible (Most of the time it may take only one or two hours if it is internal bank transfer).

  Direct Topup: In this method your E-Wallet account will be topped up immediately. Current we provide only few banks for this method. After logging in click on E-Wallet Topup option, it will take you to select the banks that are available. You can proceed if you have the net banking account with available banks.  


  • No transaction charges.
  • No need of your credit card / debit card for every ticket purchase or any bookings on TimeToTrip
  • Instant booking is easy for frequent travellers.